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When the power of the riff meets the hope-filled haziness of the 70s, when aerial vocals and two fuzzy guitars echo in unison, propelled by a powerful and surgical drumming... You feel the heat of South France's garage psych rockers LITTLE JIMI carrying you into the wilderness of their debut album "EP.1".

Firmly rooted in a modern heavy sound supported by strong dynamics, the power trio still shares the same love for vintage psychedelia as the likes of Birth Of Joy, The Black Angels or The Psychotic Monks. "EP.1" was initially released as a 4-track CD in the fall of 2017, and will be reissued with two brand new songs on November 16th, 2018 on limited edition vinyl, CD and digital via MRS Red Sound.

Little Jimi's first vinyl album called "EP.1"
Download code inside
500 copies limited (numbered)
Comes with poster & goodies
Wax colors : Black - 180gr

Track listing:

1 Jimi (6’40)
2 Lamp Song (5’33)
3 Dock 11 (4’50)
4 Molomoh (6’08)
5 Goodbye Katus (7’01)
6 Midnight Mojo (8’20)

Approx. duration : 40mn

by Little Jimi