During these unexpected times, the artists need you more than ever! Support them by means of this limited edition bundle including:

Dätcha Mandala's new record 'Hara' in CD DIGISLEEVE format
Dätcha Mandala's debut album 'Rokh' CD format
OR Mars Red Sky's debut album CD format
OR Mars Red Sky's 'Stranded In Arcadia' CD format
OR Mars Red Sky's 'APEX III Praise For The Burning Soul' CD format

Dätcha Mandala - Mrs Red Sound signature
CD DIGISLEEVE album out June 19th 2020

High voltage riffs, political and philosophical themes, Robert Plant-like vocals and an overflowing energy perfectly characterize Dätcha Mandala's new album 'Hara'.

Dätcha Mandala CD DIGISLEEVE album Hara
Comes with poster, lyrics & goodies

Produced by Mrs Red Sound
Recorded and mixed at Studio Black Box and Studio Berduquet in France by Clive Martin.
Mastered by Pierre Etchandy.
Artwork and layout by Markel Urrutia from Smoke Signals Studio

Track listing:

1. Stick It Out 03'24
2. Mother God 03'39
3. Who You Are 03'38
4. Missing Blues 02'17
5. Morning Song 04'58
6. Sick Machine 04'12
7. Moha 04'35
8. Eht Bup 03'49
9. Tit's 04'47
10. On The Road 04'02
11. Pavot 06'20