Victory Hall "The Someday Herald" - Tiny Room Records
Vinyl album out on December 2021.

Since 2002, Victory Hall has been the outlet for lo-fi leanings by a group of musicians from Bordeaux, led by Julien Pras. The Someday Herald is their first album in 12 years and consists of a collage of songs and sounds, mainly recorded by Julien on a 4-track cassette recorder and sequenced and mastered with Tiny Room Records’ label manager Stefan Breuer. The Victory Hall concept has always been: spontaneous and fast recording of music, finishing old sketches and snippets, recording wherever the instruments are, all while maintaining the incredibly fun and exciting feeling of making records (because there’s nothing more exciting than that, we tell you!).

From the 60s infused baroque pop of Miss Chief to the more straightforward indie rock of Face Value, from the beautiful duets with Queen of the Meadow’s Helen Ferguson (Golden Times) and Emily Jane White (Confusion) to the solo contributions by band members David Lespes and Hugo Berrouet - this album hits all the sweet spots for those who like their indie rock laced with psychedelia, acoustic arrangements covered in tape hiss and vocal harmonies drenched in distorted reverb. Any fans of Sebadoh, Big Star, Eric’s Trip, Guided By Voices, Flaming Lips and Dinosaur Jr. should give this gem a listen.

All songs written and performed by Julien Pras, except 4 & 15 by David Lespes, 9 by Hugo Berrouet, 5 by Helen Ferguson & Julien and 17 by Ben Pleng & Julien.
Still the rockers are: David Lespes, Julien Pras, Hugo Berrouet & Martial Solis.

Recorded & mixed at Mad Reed by Julien Pras.
Tracks 4 & 15 recorded & mixed by David Lespes.
Track 9 recorded & mixed by Hugo Berrouet.
Mastered by Stefan Breuer.
Helen Ferguson: vocals on Fairytale Sky & Golden Times.
Emily Jane White: vocals on Confusion.
Ben Pleng: vocals on Wait For The Crew.
Artwork by Julien Pras.

Track listing:

1. Fairytale Sky 02:53
2. Miss Chief 02:12
3. Face Value 01:49
4. Engaged 02:00
5. Golden Times 03:28
6. Oh Cult Leader 01:29
7. The Burning Slate 02:53
8. Start Anew 01:57

9. Switching Cars & Changin' Flights 03:22
10. Fairies Turn 01:15
11. Flaming Barry 02:02
12. Confusion 02:37
13. Right A Wrong 01:09
14. Predatory Birds 02:08
15. Only One 01:16
16. Windshield 01:29
17. Wait For The Crew 02:43
18. Sad Eyes 01:37

by Victory Hall